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Sign up for our FREE virtual goalkeeping session delivered by Fred Barber and our team of English Premier League and English Football League Pro Club Coaches. Watch, use & adapt our virtual goalkeeper training sessions and perform them alongside and in tandem with professional goalkeepers from top-flight clubs.

We will show you how to set up different virtual goalkeeping sessions using minimum equipment and how to add progressive steps. You won’t need any fancy kit to take part in these online sessions, just use what you have.

The Pro-SK coaches will walk you through easy to understand demonstrations and provide you with a host of top coaching points and well kept secrets to help you to improve your game.

Our Virtual Goalkeeping Sessions

How it Works
Our online virtual goalkeeping sessions are an easy way for you to access goalkeeper training sessions that you can do from home. Simply sign up for access to our e-training goalkeeping portal. We’ll send you a password and notify you every week when a new training session is ready view.
Why Sign Up
Access the very latest goalkeeping sessions designed and delivered by our team of English Premier League & English Football League Pro Club coaches. We’ll show you how to set up sessions, how to perform them in a small space & give you a host of top goalkeeping tips to improve your game.
What Does it Cost
Normally we charge a monthly subscription fee of £4.99 to access our online e-training goalkeeping portal but we’ve lifted the charges and now access is FREE. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for FREE Back Garden Goalkeeper Training Sessions and Be Goalkeeping Awesome with Pro-SK.

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